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About Our Restaurant in St. Charles, MO

It hasn’t been an easy journey to get our deck and restaurant doors back open after a long month of picking up where nature left off. The best thing about Boathouse Food & Deck is the incredible group of people across St. Charles, MO, that truly believe in us. Without them, we couldn’t have made it back on our feet. 

The Flood of 2019

After consecutive seasons of higher-than-average rainfall (the wettest ever recorded in the last 124 years), the Mississippi River and many other tributaries experienced record flooding, disrupting lives and businesses for a record of over 180 days. We know how difficult this has been for those of us in our close community who have experienced severe flood damage and have had their lives turned upside down in this terrible time. We at the Boathouse Food & Deck and North Shore Marina have worked very hard to re-open the deck and restaurant and provide some sense of familiarity and family for our neighbors and dedicated boating family.

Overcoming and Rebuilding

While we’re not quite yet completely put back together, we are OPEN! We are also continuously rebuilding and improving our venue to bring us all back together here on Pool 26 so we can enjoy the great food, comradery, nightlife, great river views from the deck, bar, and live music that has brought us all together. We will soon be continuing our vision for expanding the marina and restaurant and in the meantime will be offering new menus and services as we put everything back together.

Come to the Region’s Premier Destination Location

Please come join in on the fun where it is always sunny and 75, at the premier restaurant and destination location on the Mississippi River! Boathouse Food & Deck is constantly working hard to become the destination visitors expect. We will be back to normal before you know it.